About Us

Tesoros de Colombia Sustainable Farm is a private company created by conservationists aimed to conserve native and endemic Colombian species through sustainable biocommerce, research and habitat protection.
Colombia has a strong interest in developing several branches of sustainable biocommerce and one of them is captive breeding and export of internationally traded wild species.

We have created a unique facility that is designed and equipped to breed several species of Colombian butterflies and frogs with high standards of animal welfare.

Our intention with this project is to offer legally captive bred animals to the international market.
This project represents more than a decade of research on the biology, husbandry and welfare of the species and more than six years of permanent work, money investment and effort to start the project by obtaining several licenses from the Colombian authorities.
Tesoros also protects several hectares of natural habitat for a rich variety of wildlife and have a program for community conservation education.
In the case of frogs, Colombia had not exported frogs legally until Tesoros de Colombia put some Dendrobates truncatus in the market last year. We hope all Colombian captive frogs in the future will have a legal origin.

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