30 Mar 2017

New groups available for worlwide imports

19 Oct 2016
Impromptu interview from Marc Knox with Ivan Lozano after a special presentation to the NYC Dartfrog Community at Rana VerdeEco Systems in NYC.

04 Oct 2015
We are still celebrating our success obtaining the permits to legally export Oophaga from Colombia and our first successful import to the US, but now is no time to rest, it is time to plan for the future.

We are beginning to prepare our next shipment to NYC, which we estimate will arrive in April of 2016. We predict that demand will exceed availability, so we will be starting a waiting list beginning now. This will be compiled on a first come, first serve basis.

Currently we expect the following species/colors to be available for this shipment:

Oophaga lehmanni / Red and Black, Yellow and Black,
Oophaga histrionica / Bulls Eye (Red)
Oophaga histrionica / Blue
Phyllobates bicolor
Dendrobates auratus / Blue
Dendrobates auratus/ Yellow

All Oophaga will be sold in groups of 1.0.2 except for the blue O. histrionica which we will offer only males (1 male per person). We do not have many of the blue O. histrionica, the offspring tend to be male heavy and we needed to hold back some pairs to increase our breeding stock. People who purchase blue O. histrionica males along with any other Oophaga will be the first to be offered unsexed juveniles, two for each male. If you only want 1 male blue O. histrionica and no other Oophaga, you will be offered the unsexed juveniles after the buyers with other Oophaga have been offered theirs. As we get closer to shipping time if any Oophaga females become available you will be offered to change your 1.0.2 to a 2.1 if you prefer, this will assure you a pair in your group. As of now we will offer only unsexed juveniles of the P. bicolor and the D. auratus, but again, if pairs become available, they will be offered to the first people that request the juveniles.

Every Oophaga customer will receive a certificate from Tesoros to assure that everyone will have proof of the legal origin of their animals. In order to give as many people the opportunity to become part of this as possible, there will be a limit of 2.0.4 of each species and morph of Oophaga per person. (Example: you may reserve 2.0.4 yellow and 2.0.4 red O. lehmanni, but not 3.0.6 only red.) If there are unspoken for animals available when the shipment nears, this limit may be lifted, so if you would like more of any morph please include that in your communications.

This is how we plan to execute this shipment:
Step 1: Email our NYC distributor Alberto Cadolini at for price list.
Step 2: Send an email, to the address above, to reserve the animals that you are interested in. First come first serve based on the time stamp of your email.
Step 3: As soon as we are sure we can fulfill your order for this shipment, we will contact you for a non-refundable 20% down payment of the total amount for your order. We will require full payment to be made at least 1 month prior to shipment date. Failure to pay by this cutoff date will forfeit your deposit and reservation. Those animals will be offered to the next person in line on the list. Payments will be required to be sent as bank wire transfers directly to Tesoros De Colombia. Instructions will be provided. We are working to accept payments via major credit card to simplify transactions, but this option is not available at the moment.

We guarantee live arrival upon clearance from NYC customs. Any losses will be replaced with the same type and morph frog(s) on the next shipment. If we can’t replace the exact animal, we will refund 100% of the value or offer other animals that are not spoken for by the waiting list. Each individual animal will be assigned to a specific order with color coded labels. This will assure no one will be able to swap a dead animal with a live one destined to another customer.

Tesoros de Colombia will choose the animals that will fill the orders.
Representative sample photos will be posted of each available morph so customers will know what to expect. Although each animal will be cataloged into the data base individually, to avoid complications, there will not be individual pictures available for people to choose their exact animals. Efforts will be made to supply groups that are representative of the entire population.

Each buyer will be responsible to pay shipping and customs costs in cash at the pick-up location. An estimate of this amount will be given as soon as possible. To give you an example from the first shipment, 7 customers shared these costs and paid $300 each for a total of $2100 for the shipment. If the next shipment costs remain the same and there are 12 buyers, each will be responsible for a $175 share. This cost will be divided evenly between every large Oophaga buyer. The number of animals purchased will not affect this cost.
Even if someone buys just a single Oophaga, they will be responsible for their share of the shipping. Due to the lesser value of Phyllobates bicolor and Auratus, we will collect $5 per animal to contribute to the shipping and customs costs from Colombia to US.
Due to the rarity and high value of these gems, we prefer that they be picked up in NYC on the date of arrival. Be prepared to show identification to receive your animals.
If you cannot be there, see if a friend can pick them up for you. We will need a notification from you, in advance, to allow someone else to pick your animals up. (They should be ready to show identification too!) We can also ship the animals to any US locations next day air, but this will be done at your own risk and cost, there will be no replacement for any loss in this second shipment.
We have many years of experience shipping frogs, but we cannot take the risk on guaranteeing live arrival on the second shipment. No extra Oophaga will be imported, so only what is pre-sold will be in the box. There will be a possibility that we may add some extra of the less costly frogs like Phyllobates bicolor to fill the box. These may be purchased after clearing customs, if not pre sold.

As we move on, we will build a preferred customer list, as new morphs become available we will offer these animals to the preferred customer list first. We predict that there will not be enough animals of a new morph to offer them publicly at first. How do you get on this list? Simple, purchase animals that are available now and do right by them and show the world your set ups and success!
We will try to follow up with customers about the wellbeing of the animals they purchased. You will not enter a preferred customer list if you cannot account for the wellbeing of the animals from your previous purchase. We also would like to discourage “flipping”.
If you purchase for the sole purpose of reselling and profiting on these animals, you will not become part of the preferred customer list. We not only want to make sales, we want to assure the best care for these animals.

We hope that everyone will understand why we are moving forward in this way. There are not enough animals to satisfy demand and our final goal is to have these species propagate well in captivity. We will be building care sheets for the hardest to keep frogs, Oophaga and look forward to the price/value of these animals dropping down to a point that it will not be worth the risk to smuggle them from the wild. Preserving threatened wildlife is the main goal of Tesoros de Colombia.

We are setting up our distribution in Europe for 2016, we will announce how it is going to work soon.

We hope to serve you well and provide you with the best quality captive bred frogs in the hobby.
If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to email us.
Thank you and best regards from the entire staff.

Tesoros de Colombia
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