Our frogs

For the first time ever, Colombia has approved to export legal captive bred Poison Frogs!
Be the first to have legal spectacular :

F1 Dendrobates truncatus
F2 and F3 Phyllobates terribilis
F2 and F3 Phyllobates aurotaenia
F2 and F3 Dendrobates auratus (2 morphs)

Tesoros De Colombia Sustainable Farm is proud to offer high quality frogs, bred in the best conditions of welfare and also supporting conservation projects in Colombia.

Soon we will be offering Oophaga lehmanni and histrionica as well as Phyllobates bicolor.
In the future we will be working with several species of Andinobates and Ranitomeya.
If you want this future to become reality, you can help us buying the species we already have.

Pictures of some frogs we are breeding.

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